What Readers Are Saying

Here we introduce you to some of our readers and their reflections on reading Really Enough.

“Humbling, inspiring, hilarious — I learned things, I laughed out loud, I brooded and I dropped a few tears. I LOVE this book…” Davene Peruzzini
“So many phrases are well turned, I would re-read sentences to appreciate the fullness of the language.” David Collander
“Intelligent, spiritual and deeply touching, Margaret’s story while bringing tears to this reader’s eyes, embraces joy and humor with tenacity of spirit and reveals hope above circumstance as the precious gift it is.” Mary Lombardo
“A page turner – I was on pins and needles waiting to see what could possibly happen next” Judy Rough
“When I started to read this book, I got the same feeling I had reading Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth years ago. Except with a warmth and humor that makes it so touching and relatable.” Fran Alexander
“Exquisitely written, masterfully crafted… you can hear and see the characters” Fran Sheridan Mossberg

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