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Remember the scene in Really Enough in which Margret established a Chinese Healing Arts program and taught QiGong to seniors. That was where she tried out her stand-up lines, and first got the encouragement to perform at the Imrov. Last week Margaret visited SoCal to teach and do a book signing with some of the original people who participated and were her followers along wtih some new faces in the community. Her classes go on to this day led by one of her former most talented students, David Buster. Here is a photo from the former days and some current ones taken at her recent visit. Margaret’s comments to come.


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  • Fred houghton says:

    Margaret, I missed your visit to Liesure World Gi Gong class March 5 2013. I was in the hospital. I am a member of the class
    and another class member loaned me your
    book and I really loved it. Hope you will make another visit so that I can meet you.
    I really like the class very much. Joann is
    a good leader for the class.


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