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This is a place where you can take a moment to share what impact Really Enough had on you–a decision you made? A feeling you had? A relationship you changed? Would love to hear it.



  • Kathleen Martens says:

    As a writer, I will start the thread myself by saying Really Enough gave me something I profoundly needed during a seven year challenge suffering with Lyme Disease from being bitten by a tick while doing wildlife photography. This is quite a daunting disease that takes its toll on your mental and physical capabilites–light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, and on and on. While in the depths of it, I struggled to find purpose, not being able to do any of the things I used to do in terms of work and hobbies. I went from liviing a vibrant life to losing my inner compass. I knew what I couldn’t do, but the turnaround came when I asked myself the right operative question–”OK, What can I do?” I had “writing and publishing a book” on my bucket list for decades, but working overseas, remarrying and raising a blended family, recovering from breast cancer, and just living over the years got in the way of that heartfelt dream. I wrote for work, but not for myself. The draft of the book and short stories I had started were yellowed, and the electronic version I had was on a stone-age floppy disk by the time I decided to resurrect my writing. My headaches made extended time on computer screen painful for me, but I could read a book, so I joined a book club. Then at the book club I met Margaret Zhao and the opportunity presented itself. I wore sunglasses to write and eventually my health improved–probably from all the laughing and crying with Margaret while writing her amazing story with her, or maybe simply from following my bliss as they say. Simply put, writing Really Enough gave me back the joy of having a purpose in my work life and the chance to help someone else to capture their dream, as well. The reward was so touching and deep for me when the paperback arrived from the publisher, and I held my renewed life in my hands. And one more thing it did for me–it made this Irish woman open enough to share this personal story with you!

    Simple or profound, we would love to hear how reading the book changed you! Thank you, Kathleen

  • Janine says:

    When I read Really Enough I was in a job that drained my creativity and exhausted me physically so there was no time to pursue my true passions outside work hours. I knew there was no room for advancement there but I didn’t have the courage to quit, either, fearing that maybe it was the best I could get. Upon finishing the book I knew that my struggles were miniscule compared to Margaret’s, and her strength and fortitude emboldened me to leave my job without a backup plan to pursue my art. So far so great. Thank you Really!

  • Clare says:

    After reading Really Enough, I was inspired to have the courage to take more chances. I took a chance and pursued love and was inspired to pursue my doctorate. Every day it continues to inspire me. Thank you Really Enough….

    • Kathleen Martens says:

      Thank you, Janine. Taking a risk to follow a passion in the arts is always the most challenging because there is no fixed path.Following a passion in the arts is always so deeply gratifying and freeing because there is no fixed path. Being in concert with your own chosen path is a part of the joy of living. Wishing you all the best and thank you for sharing this inspiring act of self-love.

    • Kathleen Martens says:

      “Taking chances” is one theme that made Margaret’s story worth telling. Love your courage, Clare! Redirecting your life based on a heartfelt impulse and a renewed, emboldened perspective is truly what opens us to growth and gives us a shot at getting the juice out of our short lives on this Earth. Go Clare! We are grateful when we hear Really Enough is having impact. Thank you for sharing your own story of swimming out over the deep water.

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