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Hello and welcome to our Really Enough Blog. We created this blog as a place to engage you, our reader, in interesting dialogues about the book, the times, the themes and the stories behind the scenes in the life of Margaret Zhao.

Margaret’s journey was so unique, having taken place in a remote location in a tumultuous time that was virtually hidden from the rest of the world for decades. Spanning the tyrannical years from the regime of Chairman Mao beginning in 1949 to the 1990’s as an immigrant in America, Margaret’s story offers revealing insights, a breadth of themes and a depth of life lessons we want to share and discuss with you.

What better way to get the answers to those dangling questions that lingered after you read the last page than through the authors’ blog… and who better to ask about the book and the life you have spent so much time reading about, than the authors themselves. We are neither historians nor politicians, but when it comes to the life of one young girl’s struggle for freedom and forbidden love, or the creation of the book that tells her story–we have an expert in the house!

Both Margaret and I will be posting on our blog, together or as individuals. Thank you for your support–the reviews have been overwhelming! We are grateful to have this blog to continue to reach for our goal of using Really Enough to inform, entertain and inspire the lives of our readers.

Question of the day–How did Really Enough impact your thinking? decisions? Life? Send your answer to us in the Comments window below.

We hope you will join us here often, send us your questions and join our Reader’s Circle. We are even planning to break the barrier and leap out of our book and into the living rooms of a few of our readers to Skype a Q & A with them.

Our first Book Club Skype is in the home of Judy Rough who is graciously hosting a “One—Time Book Club” meeting in Denver at the end of this month. What a wonderful idea she came up with for people who do not have an on-going book club to engage in lively discussion and have a social evening centered around Really Enough. To show our appreciation we offered to cap it off with a Skype visit from the authors. We look forward to it.

Regarding the book–what dangling question has lingered for you? You can post your questions for us in the comment area below this post.  We will randomly choose a question to answer in each blog post. All questions and submissions will become the property of Really Enough and may be used in our Really Enough Official Reader’s Guide. Of course, we will give you the credit using the name you use to sign the email message you send us. If you wish to be anonymous, please tell us!

Writing this book meant the fulfillment of a personal goal that each of the authors had for years. It is truly never too late. Here is a personal question to think about:

What unlikely dream has been simmering around in your brain for years? Is it time to act?


Make it Really Enough,

Margaret Zhao and Kathleen Martens


Remember to ask your questions or share your thoughts below!



  • Bill Connaker says:

    Do not miss this great book!!
    I was amazed to read of the tremendous difficulties which Margaret and her family endured in China during the time of Mao and afterwards. In many very difficult situations, some of them with the Chinese authorities of the time causing them terrible troubles, and at times threatening their lives, Margaret and her family managed to get through many painful setbacks, and persevere to a better life. I read this book as fast as I could, and each time I had to set it down, I wished that I had more time at that moment to keep on going. When I finished, I wished that it did not have to end. The events of Margaret and her family are truly inspirational!

    • Kathleen Martens says:

      Thank you, Bill. When we started this journey, our intention was to use Margaret’s life to inspire. Everytime that happens we smile. Kathleen

  • Kathleen –

    Great meeting you today, and thanks very much for the autographed copy of “Really Enough”.

    Interesting: I see that you, too, were at “FSI”. I did my Russian and Spanish language training there prior to diplomatic postings in Moskva and San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Thanks again!

    Randall Speer

    • Kathleen Martens says:


      Hope you enjoyed Really Enough and your South African friend as well. I enjoyed our chat!

  • Jan Milkovich says:

    I am hosting my Book Club tonight 6:30 to 9:30 and had hoped to try and set up a Skype time with you and Margaret but life got in the way moving my 90 year old mom into a two bedroom apartment so we can rotate staying with her. Your book was a very powerful story so much so because it is true. I’m sure that our discussion tonight will be lively and would like to know if we can come back to your blog with questions and comments as a group and/or a future skype session.

    Thank you,

  • mzhao says:

    Dear Jan,
    Thank you for the message. It is a pleasure to hear from you. It is so wonderful to know you have a mother with such longevity. I hope she likes her new apartment. You sound like a wonderful daughter too, her Happiness.

    I’m honored to know your bookclub has read Really Enough, and I hope you all enjoyed a good time discussing. Yes, you are welcome to come back to the blog with questinos. And Also, yes, I would like to Skype with your group with a pre-scheduled date and time. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best wishes,

  • Marianne Adams says:

    Dear Margaret,
    I just finished your book. It is amazing. I experienced so many different emotions as I read. I hope to meet you at Stoneridge Creek and looked through the blog to get an answer to my burning question: Did you find the tree for your forest?

  • Margaret, your book was amazing. After I finished it I shared with my husband the events of your life that you shared with us. I will never forget your book or stop recommending it to my friends and family. I was lucky one day to meet you at Uncle Yu’s in Livermore when I joined Caryl Shill for lunch. She told me about your book and I found it on Amazon that same day. We often have motivational speakers at our company and I will bring to the board your name as a suggestion to speak at our offices in Livermore next year. My best to you Margaret and Kathleen.
    Happy Holidays
    Judi Kalune
    Board of Directors
    The RK Logistics Group

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